Many surveys has been made to study the impact of demography on businesses in order to understand the different government policies, ecosystem, market and flexibility of businesses. Webeha Labs took another approach of the study and took the study to Covid-19 impact and online presence of businesses. We can analyse more data as we have the business expertise and technology knowledge to help businesses grow and gain their superpower.

Fill the survey bellow (takes 10 min) and we’ll get back to you with the results of our study and a way to improve your business !

The Research Survey built by Business Experts

Getting some information about your business

Getting where you started the business

We will try to understand how the epidemics affected your business

We are trying to get back to you with our study results

  • General Information
  • Business Demography
  • Epidemic Effects
  • Business Contact

Business Background

What is the name of your business ?

What is the field of your business ? (beauty, consulting, selling goods, ...)

What do you offer for your target ? What are you selling ?

Do you offer services or products for your target?

What payment plans do you offer ?

How do customers usually purchase your Product/Service ?

How long has your business been running ? (Years)

How many employees does your company have?

Are you the Business Founder, Owner or CEO ?

How did the business start ?

How much does your business generate annually ?

Business Location

In which country your business is located ?

In which state/province your business is located ?

Do you live where you started your business ?

Is your business open in different locations ?

If yes, Tell us where is your business open and why you chose those locations

Why did you choose this location to start a business ?

What other reason to start a business in this location (if you chose others)

Do you think your location has an impact on your business income ?

Is your business model limited to your country or state ?

Do you have many competitors near you ?

What makes your business stand out from your competitors ? (country wise)

How business friendly is your location ? (ecosystem, access to opportunities, ...)

Would you advise people to start business near your business location ?

Would you tell us why ?

Government Policies

Does starting a business in your business location differs from State to State ?

How easy it is to start a business near you ?

How many days does it require someone to launch his business near you ?

Does the government support businesses ?

What type of taxes do you pay ?

How high are the taxes rates ?

Covid Phase and Post-Covid Survey

Did Covid-19 affect your returns ?

Did Covid-19 affected your annual revenues ?

Did your Total number of customers decrease during Covid / Post-Covid ?

Did you switch to a digital process to keep your business running during Covid ?

Did Covid-19 crisis offered you new opportunities or new market ?

What type of support did the government offered you during Covid-19 ?

Did you switch your business to online business ?

Tell us a bit about how did you switch or why you didn't switch

What long-term impacts to your business do you expect as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

Online Presence

Do you think businesses' online presence saved them during Covid ?

Do you have an online presence ?

If you don't have an online presence , would you explain why ?

Do you think having a website is crucial for a business to succeed ?

Do your competitors, those you think are successful, have a website ?

Do you think a website can solve a painful problem for businesses ?

What would be the main goal of your website if you have one or you want to have one ?

How much do you usually spend on digital marketing or advertisement ?

If you ever want to build a website, what would be the budget that you will spend on it ?

Please show us three competitor websites you like and tell us what you appreciate most about them

Contact Details

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