Many surveys has been made to study the impact of Covid-19 crisis on small businesses in order to understand how to overcome the problems faced by business owners. Webeha Labs took another approach of the study and focused more on digital presence of small businesses as we have the business expertise and technology knowledge to help businesses grow and gain their superpower.

Fill the survey bellow (takes 5 min) and we’ll get back to you with the results of our study and a way to improve your business !

The Research Survey built by Business Experts

Getting basic Informations about your business

We need to know if you have a presence online that gets people to know you

We will try to understand how the epidemics affected your business

We are trying to get back to you with our study results

  • General Information
  • Online Presence of the Business
  • Epidemic Effects
  • Business Contact

Business Informations

What is the name of your business ?

Where your business is located ? (Country and State would work fine)

What is the field of your business ? (beauty, consulting, selling goods, ...)

What do you offer for your target ? What are you selling ?

Do you offer services or products for your target?

What payment plans do you offer ?

How much does your customers pay on average to buy your product/service ? (E.g : 1000$ for my services a month)

Are you the Business Founder, Owner or CEO ?

How many employees does your company have?

Digital Presence

Does your business have any online presence ? (Social Media, Website, ...)

If not, would you mind explaining why you don't have one ?

If Yes, Did you build your digital presence before Covid-19 Crisis ?

What are the online links that gets a target/Customer to know/access your business ?

Does your digital presence generate sales ?

Do your customers/leads complain about your digital presence ?

what are the problems that affect your business in relation to your digital presence ?

How did you overcome the problems you are facing ?

Pre-Covid Analysis

How do customers purchase your Product/Service ?

What purchase channel is the most common for your customers ?

Did your Total number of customers increase monthly ? (Pre-Covid)

How much do you make annually ?

Are your sales operations focused on your local area or wider ?

Covid Phase and Post-Covid Survey

Did Covid-19 affect your returns ?

Did Covid-19 affected your annual revenues ?

Did your Total number of customers decrease during Covid / Post-Covid ?

Did you switch to a digital process to keep your business running during Covid ?

Did Covid-19 crisis offered you new opportunities or new market ?

How did you overcome the quarantine phase to keep your business running ?

What long-term impacts to your business do you expect as a result of the COVID-19 crisis?

Contact Details

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Phone Number :

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