Project Overview:

Keyveille is a cloud legal watch ERP platform that offer businesses the opportunity to consult laws, start a legal procedure and follow-up on it. The platform can handle the business hierarchy and divide the tasks between collaborators.

Astronauts in a Mission:

The team started from an existent version of the project to make the data architecture, write down the features, narrow down the technology approach to build the project and doing the user research to craft the design. Then, using agile methodology, they built the backlog for development to start working on it sprint by sprint as integration a CI/CD process to allow the client the opportunity to test the product weekly. SalesForce SDK has been integrated to add the features of the most powerful CRM to the platform and Twilio for authentification purposes.

team members involved

  • 1 Project Manager.
  • 1 Data architect.
  • 1 Technical Expert.
  • 1 UX designer.
  • 3 Full-Stack developers.



Spring boot




Third parties


Google analytics


Google Cloud